Crown Home Builders LLC is a full service company. We plan, design and construct facilities incorporating emerging innovative renewable energy technology. The Global Headquarters is in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. The construction offices will be established worldwide.
We can be reached by phone at (843) 870-9496.

Mission: We provide turn-key facilities to our Clients incorporating the most energy efficient, economical and environmentally sensitive processes available. We maintain a work environment that is safe and productive. We provide an opportunity for a second chance for individuals who find themselves in a position of need, disadvantage or rehabilitation.

Vision: Our facilities utilize state-of-the art materials and construction methods in an ecologically sensitive environment throughout the world. Partner with community service agencies and provide financial support for Second Change projects.


Every Crown home fits like a glove. Our extensive experience with warranty jobs for many big builders is your guarantee of top quality. We know how to avoid hidden mistakes and the nasty surprises that accompany them. Crown Home Builders creates homes with Southern style and European flavor. We combine the art of building in the Old and New World to maximize your investment.


Crown Home Builders, LLC is located in Summerville, SC, and includes:

  • Crown Eco-Energy Homes
  • Crown Builders (Commercial & Industrial)
  • Crown Home Management
  • Crown Home Repairs
  • Crown Cabins
  • Crown Wine Storage
  • Crown Homes West Indies

One Stop Shopping:  Crown Home Builders maintains a network of experienced and qualified subcontractors to fulfill your
specialized building needs.


Crown ECO-ENERGY Homes

We incorporate green/sustainable – European/American building experience & demands in our Crown ECO ENERGY homes!
= the concept of creating a sustainable green development honoring the needs of today AND of our grandchildren.
    Saving money (at least 50% lower energy bills) and Mother Earth.

  • Indoor air quality
    • Carbon monoxide detectors
    • Combustion safety
    • Moisture, mold & pest control
    • Healthy air ventilation
    • Air pollutant control
  • Water conservation
    • Tankless & solar water heater
    • Low flow toilets & fixtures
    • NSF certified water filter
    • Grey water irrigation
    • Rainwater harvest system
    • Reduced sod area
    • Low water native landscaping plants
  • Natural resource efficiency
    • Recycled insulation, fiber rock & tiles
    • Reclaimed wood flooring
    • Sustainable harvested lumber
    • Biodegradable carpet & backing
    • High durability SIP-walls & roofing
    • Green site planning
    • Trees & natural water preservation
    • Erosion preservation, topsoil protection
    • Mulch from onsite stumps & limbs  
  • Quiet ambiance & safety
    • Low external noise level
    • Hurricane resistance much higher than stick frame
    • Earthquake resistance much higher than concrete built
    • Using SIP roofs (Structural Insulated Panels)
    • Highest R-values exterior SIP-walls & SIP-roof
    • Creating building envelope
    • ENERGY STARTM home certification

Need more information? Send us an e-mail at crownhomebuilders@mail.com

Crown Builders

Doing business as Crown Builders LLC we incorporate the same green/sustainable products to a commercial or industrial building. We use energy efficient lighting, also for retrofit!

Crown Builders plans to build facilities that make our team members proud and are executed with enthusiasm and professionalism. Because our clients have proprietary technologies, Crown is committed to protecting their technologies and will take the appropriate measures to insure this happens.

The company will have a long term relationship with our clients that will be profitable to all parties. We will exceed the expectations of our clients and therefore ensure the continued success of the company. Other potential clients will come to us as a result of endorsements from our existing clients and press releases of successful projects.

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Churches
  • Fluorescent Lighting Retrofits
  • Energy Audits

For more information on how we can work for you, please call us at (843) 870-9496 or email us at crownhomebuilders@mail.com